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Advanced Meters

Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

EnergyUnited has initiated a capital improvement program to upgrade our Advanced Metering Infrastructure, commonly referred to as AMI. This technology is not new to EnergyUnited. Our current system was installed almost 10 years ago and facilitated our ability to read meters electronically and remotely, along with providing many other benefits to our operations.

AMI meter for EnergyUnitedIn order to complete the upgrade, EnergyUnited will need to replace the meter at your residence or business. As we move forward with the project over the coming months, you will receive a phone call from us prior to our visit. You do not need to be home for this upgrade, which will only take a few minutes. No action is required by our members.

When the meter upgrade is complete, EnergyUnited will have access to more data about electric grid performance, quick and accurate reporting related to outages and restoration, and many other features made possible by today’s improvements in technology.

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