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Hear from the people behind our power

Barbara Clark

As a Customer Care Representative, Barbara spends her day completing a variety of member requests, from connects, disconnects, and reconnects to maintenance, power issues and billing questions. She has been with the company for 25 years, starting as a meter reader before moving on to Customer Care just eight weeks later. Barbara loves people and finds pleasure in knowing that she is helping someone every day. “We face many challenges each day, but I have found that sometimes a kind word can change the attitude of the person that I am dealing with.” She believes that teamwork helps take some of the stress away from the workday. The Customer Care team has a common goal of providing excellent service to their members, creating a family-like work environment. For years, Barbara worked as a floating Customer Care Representative, splitting her time between the Statesville, Cornelius and Taylorsville offices. She’s seen several transitions throughout the years, from computer upgrades to the COVID-19 pandemic to now primarily working remotely. Because she’s been with the company for so long, Barbara has befriended many customers, who always appreciate getting to speak to her when they need assistance.

Janice Peeler

Janice started with EnergyUnited over 15 years ago and has been in a Lead Customer Care position for five years. She, along with her team, takes member calls of all varieties and assists with the membership’s questions and concerns. She makes sure that her team is focused on creating the best experience possible in all member interactions. Janice believes that creating a family-like environment for her team translates to creating a family-like experience for our members, which is even more important when working remotely. “My team is awesome!” Janice says about the Customer Care department. “We support and help each other and work together like one big family. My passion aligns with the company purpose to improve the quality of life for our members and our communities.” As the Lead Customer Care Representative, Janice considers it a privilege to represent her company.

Lissa Giles

Lissa moved to North Carolina in 2005, and immediately began working for EnergyUnited. Having previously worked for a cooperative she appreciated the cooperative atmosphere, and her heart directed her to her new work family. She began as a Quality Assurance Trainer, transitioning to the Customer Care Training Supervisor in 2020. Lissa spends her days supporting the Customer Care team, assisting in the training of new and experienced representatives. She is currently designing a virtual training program with the training team, which is crucial in the new telework and hybrid work model within her department. “I love working with our amazing team,” Lissa says. “My success is based on our team’s success.” She loves watching new customer care representatives grow as they transition through the training program followed by on-the-job training with mentors. Lissa believes it is important to provide these new employees with “a strong foundation before they transition to taking care of our members. EnergyUnited is always evolving and improving,” Lissa continues. “Our core values of safety, integrity, commitment and excellence are at the forefront of our business.” According to Lissa, EnergyUnited “is a wonderful place to work.” This is partially due to the culture of longevity in the organization, which means that newer employees have resources and knowledge to derive from their more experienced peers. Fostering a positive employee experience creates a positive member experience.

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