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EnergyAdvisor has arrived!

We've officially launched EnergyAdvisor, setting the stage for smarter, more efficient energy usage and increased savings for our members.

At EnergyUnited, members and owners are one in the same. Why? Because we’re a not-for-profit electric cooperative (keyword: cooperative)—and the largest in the great state of North Carolina at that. With our makeup in mind, it’s no wonder we’ve been working for months to empower the kind folks we serve with our new platform, EnergyAdvisor.

EnergyAdvisor is much more than a fancy name. It’s a powerful dashboard of interactive tools designed to help our member-owners manage energy consumption and save on monthly energy bills.

  • Savings Tips, for example, awards your home an efficiency rating and offers professional advice, energy-saving products and more to help you improve it.
  • Energy Forecast takes your local weather into account and lets you adjust a “visual thermostat” to predict the impact of usage adjustments.
  • And Interactive Energy Home covers an entire housing blueprint to identify opportunities for energy savings, from the garage to the attic.

The best part? These features are only scratching the surface of EnergyAdvisor’s capabilities. Discover all the ways you can become Energy Smart here.

It’s innovations like EnergyAdvisor that allow us to progress and grow, year after year. See what we accomplished last year in our 2017 Annual Report.

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