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Smart Grid for a Brighter Energy Future

With a reliability rating of 99%, it’s clear we do a pretty great job of keeping you empowered. But even we can’t prevent many outages caused by Mother Nature. However, we now have the technology to understand exactly where and when a downed line occurs. The result? We are able to restore your power sooner while simultaneously saving valuable time, energy, and resources.

In today’s modern grid, power no longer moves in a linear path from power plants to homes and businesses, but rather includes a wide variety of resources and tools spread throughout the grid like a web. Things like smart thermostats, backup generators, solar panels, and even electric vehicles all empower our members to take more control of their energy and therefore require an even more sophisticated energy management system, which we are proud to provide.

In updating these technologies to a smart grid, we’re also managing more data about electric grid performance, enabling quick and accurate reporting related to outages and restoration, and taking advantage of many other features made possible by today’s improvements.

Our proactive maintenance programs also help ensure the system’s equipment is in good working order, while our right-of-way initiatives allow us to mitigate risk to our power lines. All of these efforts are part of our ongoing commitment to being your local connection and providing a brighter energy future for all.

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