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Congratulations Katie Whitcomb!

Going to Statesville's Full Bloom Home and Garden Show is always a good time, but for Katie Whitcomb—good turned into great.

Statesville’s annual Full Bloom Home and Garden Show is ripe with vendors, businesses, landscapers, and several industry representatives there to prepare the community for spring. With gardening tips, weather advice, and all manner of outdoor goodies, it’s safe to say this show is a surefire way to get excited for warmer weather. And for Katie Whitcomb, with the help of EnergyUnited, she may just have gotten a little more excited than most.

We held a raffle to give away a brand-new propane grill, and Katie was the lucky winner! Now, Katie and her husband have perfect excuse to host neighbors and friends for outdoor entertaining for spring and summer fun.

Check out this video of Katie’s winning experience. Congrats, Katie!

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