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Cooperation in the Face of Crisis

Just last month, Hurricane Florence arrived in North Carolina, drenching our region with strong winds and rain and causing extensive damage throughout the state. Since we’ve vowed never to leave you in the dark, EnergyUnited crews quickly went to work. It wasn’t long until we’d safely restored power to more than 11,000 outages, most of which were due to downed trees.

Even after all the lights were back on, our work wasn’t over. We received word from our friends in Red Springs, N.C. that Florence had created significant damage throughout all parts of Lumbee River EMC’s system. So what did we do? We sent six EnergyUnited employees over to Red Springs to help make repairs and restore power in the area as quickly and safely as possible.

CEO H. Wayne Wilkins said it best, “We feel very fortunate that we [could] send crews to the Lumbee EMC area to assist in these repairs. This falls in line with one of our seven Cooperative Principles: Cooperation Among Cooperatives. We’re here to help however we can. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in the area that are still suffering from damaged homes and long-term power outages due to Hurricane Florence.”

When it comes to storms, especially ones as severe as this, safety is our number one priority. Please remember to always stay safe, follow our Storm Center tips and check in on your family, friends and neighbors—no matter what the weather may be.

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