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Mack Molding Brings Value to Their Community

EnergyUnited Proud to Power Statesville Facility

You know EnergyUnited provides reliable energy services to residents, but what about our impact on the business community? Mack Molding is a leading supplier of molded plastic parts, fabricated metals and high-level assemblies across industries, and one of EnergyUnited’s valued member-customers. We recently sat down with Joe Carinci of Mack Molding to discuss our partnership, impact on the community and commitment to being your local connection.

How long have you worked with EnergyUnited?
We have worked with EnergyUnited at Mack Molding Statesville, N.C. since 1990, so next year will be our 30th year partnering with them. We rely on them as our trusted source for both electricity and propane.

How does partnering with EU help facilitate a better business, more robust bottom line and/or a positive community footprint?
EnergyUnited has consistently worked with us to improve our power efficiencies. Whether that means auditing our usage levels for optimal benefits or implementing energy conservation efforts like our lighting improvements, EnergyUnited has been a willing partner in helping us optimize our business and preserve costs.

How many people does Mack Molding employ?
Currently Mack Statesville employs approximately 300 people throughout the levels of our organization. We employ professional-level employees, engineering resources, administrative personnel and technicians, as well as support and entry-level positions to help facilitate our organization’s needs.

What’s the typical day like at Mack Molding?
Do you operate 24/7 or go by a more traditional 9-5 setup? We operate 24 hours a day for six days a week, and we occasionally add a seventh day to our schedules during busy times to manage overflow. We operate our manufacturing environments with four rotating shifts throughout each week’s schedule.

On a personal level, what’s it like working with EnergyUnited?
EnergyUnited has been a solid partnership throughout the years. We are a significant consumer of electricity and rely heavily on it to keep our business productive and growing. Anytime we require service from EU, they are quick to respond and efficient in meeting our needs. Other than a few weather-related incidents that we all endure, we have experienced very few interruptions in our power supply. We can always rely on EnergyUnited to help support our business needs through contract negotiations and electrical efficiency improvement projects.

Any final thoughts you’d like to add?
We continue to enjoy working with EnergyUnited in managing our power needs. We like being a member with a level of ownership within their overall family of consumers. We feel that our relationship allows us to get a high level of service and response from EU. They have been very responsive to our needs throughout the past 30 years, and I look forward to continuing our partnership.

Mack Molding Customer in Statesville
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