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Power of Giving

EnergyUnited Foundation Provided $380,000 in Grants Last Year

Nothing represents EnergyUnited’s core value of community commitment more than the members and employees who help serve through the EnergyUnited Foundation. Since 1996, the EnergyUnited Foundation has provided grants to community organizations, nonprofits and individuals who have fallen on hard times. Here we take a look back at our 2019 year of giving, its community impact, and why giving in this way is so powerful.

Our process of grant-giving is not all that different than other foundations’, but as EnergyUnited Foundation Administrator Debra Citta explained, the difference lies in the motivation of giving. “We really try to think of it more as a hand up rather than a handout,” she said. “This type of financial assistance is for individuals who have found themselves in grave need of assistance with their necessities, who’ve really just had a tough go of things, and may just need a bit more time to recover financially.”

Grants are given specifically for utility bills, home payments or rent, and in certain instances medical equipment. The cases are always presented and approved by the EU Foundation board and offered specifically to individuals and nonprofits within EnergyUnited’s 19-county service area.

According to Mrs. Citta, “In 2019 alone, we received 206 applications and approved 105 of those. That translates to over $380,000 to those in need.” One standout family that benefited from a donation was the Leath family.

They had fallen on tough times after their son became very ill. “We were pleased to help them get caught up on payments so that they could focus on what really mattered most—healing and being together as a family,” Debra explained.

As for a most memorable grant recipient, Debra noted, “We never expect repayment, of course, but a year after receiving funds a former recipient repaid us the exact amount we gifted her with a note requesting that it go to help another person in need.” It’s generosity like that that brings us together as a community, and ultimately makes us better people.

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