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Saving Grace

EnergyUnited is helping our veterans thanks to the partnership with Saving Grace K9’s and their furry friends.

The EnergyUnited Foundation is pleased to announce a $10,000 grant to Saving Grace K-9’s, an organization that trains rescue dogs as service animals for combat veterans who suffer from PTSD at no cost to the veteran.

All dog lovers know how valuable a loyal K-9 companion by your side can be, and for those recovering from the damaging effects of combat, that companionship can truly be lifesaving, as 22 veterans a day take their own lives. Rescue dogs who show the proper temperament are paired with, and trained by that veteran. Not only does this training help teach the dog over 50 commands to assist in PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders, but it also provides a valuable bonding experience for both parties.

At this time, the program has over 75 successful graduates who live and assist one another daily. The classes are small—with no more than five veteran-dog pairs at any given time, and remain free to the veteran, as they have already paid a huge price in serving our country.

EnergyUnited is proud to support a cause to empower our veterans in a program that helps return them to civilian life with dignity, independence, and of course, a furry friend. To learn more or fill out an application, visit

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