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Scholarship Spotlight: David Morton

David Morton is the type of student that radiates joy, and compassion from the instant you meet him—making it no surprise he was one of our top picks for the 2018 Empowering the Future Scholarship.

David Morton first heard about our Empowering the Future $5,000 scholarship from his Davie County High School guidance counselor. And it’s no wonder she recommended him: David made an excellent candidate. The prompt was simple enough: first, to explain how technology will change the way we consume energy, and second; to share your commitment to community.

“Energy has become an integral part of our lives,” David explains, “and as I think about my future in the world, my community, and my workplace I wonder what we’re actively doing to preserve energy and our environment not just for my generation but generations to come.” He continues:

“EnergyUnited is doing a lot to help North Carolina – like implementing new tools such as, EnergyAdvisor and “Smart meters” that show daily and weekly energy usage along with ways to decrease consumption, as well as costs, for homes. “Smart meters” help determine widespread interruptions in service. And, they’re investing a lot back into the future—with students like me for example. It’s actions like these that really show reliability and responsiveness to members and the community.”

David has taken a keen interest in these technologies, particularly, Smart Grid systems and how energy reliability pertains to the medical industry, so it’s not surprising that he’s chosen a pre-med track at Wake Forest.

David urges further, “In the hospital environment, having access to energy is a non-negotiable—because often, it really is a matter of life and death.” And he’s right. His interest in the medical field is deep-seeded and took roots with his volunteering work. David, along with his brother, have logged over 500 hours at Wake Forest Baptist Medical: visiting with patients, providing bilingual coloring books to sick children, and carrying out any necessary tasks there.

His spirit of service, however, doesn’t just stop there. Outside of the hospital David found ways to give back to the homeless community, on campus, and through his environmental initiatives. “Within the healthcare system, people are relying on energy to survive, though all of us need it to thrive.” David explains.

Together with his brother, David acquired a grant for $3,000 benefitting Family Promise of Davie County to provide bedding for homeless children. He also worked on acquiring grants from The Davie County Community Foundation SURF board to revive and expand the recycling program at his high school that was cut due to a lack of funding. In college, David has carried that passion to his own campus by getting involved in “Campus Kitchen”—an initiative to take leftover food from the kitchen and serve it to those in need. “By doing this we can reduce our carbon footprint and save energy.”

David truly is the type of young man who impresses. He’s the type of individual that genuinely enjoys giving back to the community that grew him, and in turn stands better-off because of his presence. There’s an essence about him that makes you feel like he’s destined for greatness—and you know what? We think he is. From all of us at EnergyUnited, we’re proud to invest in your future, David, and can’t wait to see what great things lie ahead of you.

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