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Southern Distilling Company

A Spotlight on one of EnergyUnited's Members

Though these are strange times, there are several things we know for certain: that members’ power will stay on, that customers’ propane tanks will stay filled, and that thanks to one of our local energy users, businesses both big and small will have access to hand sanitizer.

Meet Southern Distilling Company, a Statesville based liquor producer that has since changed its formulas from award winning whiskeys and bourbons to life-saving hand sanitizer.

Owner and co-founder, Pete Barger explains: “We saw there was a shortage in hand sanitizer and saw an opportunity to help. Over the course of three days we halted all liquor production and were able to create FDA and WHO compliant hand sanitizer to be purchased at any volume.”

In fact, they’re currently producing 15,000 gallons of hand sanitizer a day with the capacity to
do 50,000 gallons. And it’s in this business shift that Pete’s need for reliable energy was greater than ever.

“We run a huge steam boiler that requires steady state equilibrium and without constant reliable energy we have to halt all production and the rest of the sanitizer assembly follows suit. We have had very few outage issues and feel lucky to have an energy provider as reliable as EnergyUnited as our supplier.”

Pete, along with his wife and co-founder, Vienna are also creating jobs in a time of furloughs and lay-offs– hiring 30 new employees who’ve been displaced by the service industry.

He explains, “The sense of community has been an unexpected silver lining during this time. It’s phenomenal to see the better side of humanity. We try to make an environment that’s enjoyable, so we’re bringing in lunches from fellow local businesses for our employees and supporting those who’ve been supporting us too. As bad as it has been, I feel very positive about how people are responding.”

As their energy services provider, we’re incredibly proud to support a local business that is working to make a difference during this time. When asked what the future holds, Pete is quick to reassure that “Right now, there’s a great need and when that need goes away, we’ll go back to filling bourbon.” We’ll drink to that.

For businesses and individuals looking order a case of hand sanitizer or set up a recurring supply

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