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Teaming Up To Take On Michael

Once again, a tropical storm swept through our service area and impacted our members.

This time, we safely restored power to over 43,000 members throughout 19 counties in just four days. Such a quick response wouldn’t have been possible without the helping hands of other electric cooperatives, companies, and contractors.

We’d like to take a moment to say thank you to Central Ohio Electric, Blue Ridge Energy, French Broad, Rutherford, Brunswick, Consolidated EC, Fireland EC, Carroll EC, Pioneer EC, North Central EC, Logan County EC, Licking Rural EC, Holmes-Wayne EC, Hancock-Wood EC, Guernsey-Muckingum EC, Frontier Power, Ohio’s EC Statewide, Butler Rural EC, and Caney Fork Electric.

We’d also like to extend additional thanks to the many first responders and members of the community who helped make it possible for us to repair downed power lines, poles, and trees and who assisted in clean-up efforts throughout the following weeks. In other words, responding to Tropical Storm Michael was a team effort. We are so fortunate to have Cooperation Among Cooperatives, especially in times like these.

Remember, when it comes to storms you don’t have to be kept in the dark. Sign up for real-time outage alerts, via text or email, at to stay ahead of every storm.

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