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Energy Advisor: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

You have enough to worry about this season, don’t let saving energy be one of them. Keep your energy and money spending under control with EnergyAdvisor.

Don’t let dropping temperatures lead to a rise in your energy bill! See how our new interactive tool, EnergyAdvisor makes saving energy, and money, easier than ever or even, how an alternative fuel source, like propane could help you and your family stay warm this winter.

Check out these tips to keep your home, (and your pocketbook) cozier than ever.

Create Your Home Profile: Make a profile with EnergyAdvisor and see your home’s baseline for energy usage. Find out where you’re letting money slip through the cracks and what simple changes can lead to big savings.

Forecast Your Energy: The EnergyAdvisor tool takes your local weather into account and lets you adjust a “visual thermostat” to predict the impact of usage. It’s a great tool for budgeting and planning through the seasons.

Energy Analysis: Knowledge is power. Thanks to the Bill Analysis portion of EnergyAdvisor you can find ways to weatherize and save accordingly. These simple tips can make all the difference this season:

  • Open drapes and blinds during the day to let sunlight in to warm your home, but once the sun sets, close drapes and blinds to capture heat.
  • Don’t set the thermostat higher than it needs to be, even if you’re trying to heat your home quickly. It won’t warm it up any faster and is likely to run your system longer than necessary.
  • Change your filters, and make sure your furniture isn’t blocking the vents.
  • Lower your thermostat when using your fireplace, otherwise warm air from your room will go right up the chimney—along with your money!

An Energy Alternative: Looking for another way to stay warm? Consider securing a propane line to power your appliances, heat your water, fuel your fireplace and furnace this season. Doing so could save you even more money on your bill. Contact us at 1-800-522-3793 or discover more here.

Already a propane user? Make sure your tank never goes empty by signing up for our auto-refill service!

EnergyUnited works to provide you with options—so you can keep all your winter days merry and bright.

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