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Give Your A/C The Day Off

Stay cool & save energy with this simple action!

Our state-of-the-art tool, Energy Advisor creates a home profile for your residence and shows ways in which you could better save your energy (and money). For example, you might be running your A/C a lot more than you need to. By opening the windows and running your fans you can let Mother Nature do the heavy lifting, or should we say, cooling.

Aside from the obvious tip of turning your thermostat up when you leave the house in the warmer months, Energy Advisor can show even more house-specific fixes for your energy woes. It takes you through a comprehensive list of your home’s energy usage and provides practical and simple tips to save. Are you leaving more lights on in the house without even realizing it? Or maybe it’s time to install more energy-efficient windows. Whatever your specific energy concern is, Energy Advisor can help.

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