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How to Use Energyadvisor’s Water Heater Calculator

Every detail matters when it comes to saving on your monthly energy bill. Lucky for you, EnergyAdvisor has been specially designed to help you fine tune your energy usage. Today’s subject: water heating.

While most homeowners might not think about their water heating system until they step into a cold shower, there’s potential for savings dependent upon which system you install. With EnergyAdvisor’s Water Heater Calculator, you can compare the estimated annual costs of your current water heating system with that of other options. Here’s how it works.


When you arrive on the Water Heater Calculator homepage, you’ll be prompted to input data specific to your living situation. The first category relates to how many people currently live in your home. Slide the blue dot to match your correct number of occupants, ranging from one to seven.


Next, you’ll be prompted to input fuel rate data broken into four categories. The categories are Natural Gas, Propane, Electric and Fuel Oil. Reference your most current energy bill, then click the blue plus sign or the red minus sign to record accurate rates.


After your fuel rates are recorded, check out the bar graph to the right. It will display your estimated annual water heating costs for several types of water heating systems, including Natural Gas, Propane, Electric, Fuel Oil and Heat Pump.

Ready to start saving? Check out EnergyAdvisor’s Water Heater Calculator for yourself here.

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