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Is Your Home Running At Peak Efficiency? See For Yourself.

So far, we’ve provided a brief overview of EnergyAdvisor’s Energy Forecast, EV Calculator and Water Heater Calculator modules, but did you know the platform also comes with easy-to-use Reference Tools?

This month’s feature: Interactive Energy Home, a graphically rich and interactive library for exploring savings potential at home. The tool will help you identify and get to the bottom of energy issues you wouldn’t think of on your own. Perfect for visual learners. Here’s how it works.


Our homes use energy in a variety of ways to provide comfort, convenience and entertainment. Some systems in the home use energy directly, like our appliances and lighting. Other home systems impact how much energy the home uses even though they use no energy themselves, like the walls and windows.

Interactive Energy Home segments a virtual home into clickable rooms and categories so you can evaluate savings potential at your own speed. Head to the landing page, select your area of interest and you’re well on your way to making your home more efficient.


This is where Interactive Energy Home gets interesting. Each room or category, be it Solar Energy, Kitchen or Living Room, expands to feature a usage overview and hyper-focused opportunities for savings.

Select “Kitchen,” for example, and you can click on various appliances, including the refrigerator, microwave and oven, to compare and contrast different appliance types and cooking methods. The tool has everything you need to identify the best opportunities for savings and home improvements.

See yourself in and take a look around. Interactive Energy Home is live here.

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