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Member Interview: Melanie Reeves

Electric member & propane customer, Melanie Reeves shares her thoughts on what it means to be a valued member.

As a leading energy services provider, it’s crucial that we understand our members’ energy needs, concerns and usage requirements so that we can better support home and business requirements. So, we’re interviewing electric members, propane customers, and business leaders across our service areas to provide insights on how we can serve you better.

1. How long have you been an electric member and propane customer of EnergyUnited?

I have been a happy customer of EU since 2011 and receive both propane as well as electric services.  I am very happy with both and love that I feel totally connected to the company. All of the employees that I interact with feel more like family members rather than service providers since they’re all so helpful, polite, and willing to help in any way possible.

2. What’s your connection to the Lexington, NC community?

I was born and raised in Lexington but left the area after high school in 1973 to attend college in Virginia. I received undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Virginia State University and graduated in 1977.  Since then, I moved up to the northeast where I’ve worked for the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 40 years as a Chemical Engineer. I’ve been with a number of pharma companies and am currently employed by Daiichi Sankyo a Japanese pharma company. My plan has always been to move back home to the Lexington NC area and eight years ago, I purchased a home and started my countdown to retirement.

3. Have you had any memorable and positive experiences with EnergyUnited that you could share?

One morning, I woke up to a very cold home and the smell of sulfur gas—which led me to believe that my heating system had broken down. I called EnergyUnited about my problem, and they told me they’d send a technician out to check on it. It was the weekend, so I assumed I’d have to suffer without propane until Monday. But to my very pleasant surprise, EU sent out a propane truck and filled my tank the very same day!

4. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I really look forward to coming into the office to pay my bill monthly just so I can talk to all of the helpful staff members.  I love my propane and electric services from EnergyUnited and would recommend them to any friend or family member.

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