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Power Up Your Summer with Propane

Get to know the source of outdoor summer fun.

Over the years, we’ve made a name for ourselves by growing into the largest not-for-profit electric cooperative in the region, but we also offer propane products, services, and round-the-clock support for our propane customers! EnergyUnited Propane has been proudly serving North and South Carolina with quality propane gas and friendly neighborhood service since 2000. If you’re ready to reap even more benefits from EnergyUnited, there’s no better time like the summer to get acquainted with this economical fuel source.


Whether you’re grilling outside, enjoying the warm glow of your tiki torches, or making conversation (and maybe even s’mores) around the firepit, propane is the go-to fuel source for your summer fun.


Propane is an efficient, clean alternative fuel that can provide steady, reliable heat at an affordable price. Considered a “green” energy source, propane can help homeowners and businesses reduce emissions and protect the environment while enjoying substantial savings over other fuel sources. In our experience, that’s a win-win.

To sign up for EnergyUnited Propane, call 1-800-522-3793 or visit

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