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Savings are Heating up with EnergyAdvisor

The temperature is dropping, and with these tips your spending could be too!

Keeping your thermostat as low as you can while still staying comfortable can keep costs manageable throughout the winter season.

Check out these tips to save energy and money this season:

1. Every degree of temperature change influences the energy in your home by about 8%, which means that if you were setting your thermostat at 72°F but can stand to have it at 69°F, you can reduce your heating costs by around 24%!

2. Try to remember to lower your thermostat when you leave the house for anything more than several hours.

3. If you have one room that tends to be cooler than the others, consider using a heating blanket to keep you warm. Space heaters may work well, but they use much more energy than electric blankets do.

4. This may sound counterintuitive: turn on your ceiling fan. Since heat rises, turning a fan on low speed can push the warm air down toward your living spaces. This is especially true if you have tall ceilings.

For more best practices, see how our EnergyAdvisor tool helps you manage your energy consumption and cost! Now that’s powerful.

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