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Why Co-ops?

October is National Co-op month, here's why they're so great.

Being a co-op member is about so much more than receiving reliable power at an affordable price. We do business differently, and if we may say so—in a way that brings communities closer, empowers the future, and builds positive relationships. In honor of National Co-op Month, we’d like to highlight a couple of the things that make us so special.

1. Member-Owned and Operated

Our democratic process allows members to vote in annual cooperative board elections, voice their thoughts and ideas within the company, and contribute to the community via Operation Round-Up.

2. Community-Focused

Cooperatives are focused on the members they serve and work to improve the sustainability and well-being of their local and surrounding communities.

3. Capital Credits

We work hard to keep member bills as low as possible, but when bills over-extend the price for operations and maintenance it’s only right that we return it to you, our members in the form of capital credits. It’s your money, after all.

4. Donations that Go a Long Way

It is a joy to contribute back to the areas we serve. We love having the ability to sponsor various activities for our members to enjoy and we hope you and your families do too. The EnergyUnited Foundation also grants us the opportunity to gift donations to students, non-profits, and those in need.

We’re grateful that you’ve chosen EnergyUnited as your trusted energy services provider—to learn more about our capabilities check out our Community Page!

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