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Winter Storm Responsiveness

EnergyUnited Stays Prepared For Bad Weather

Regardless of the time of year, Mother Nature has her way of placing her own stamp on our plans. Winter weather presents its own unique challenges for electric cooperatives like EnergyUnited. However, these challenges don’t prevent our team from being prepared to respond to subsequent power outages.

We are ready to respond when winter weather comes our way because we always have a strong plan in place. Plus, after each storm we sit down and analyze the challenges we faced and the feedback we received so we can better serve you in the future.

To expand on this situational review, our team also conducts an annual process review exercise. This exercise helps us account for system and company changes that need to be considered.

In addition to our post-event reviews and annual process review, we also do a lot of work immediately before any forecasted storm to be sure we are prepared to respond to whatever circumstances we encounter. We always monitor the weather in our 24-hour dispatch center to ensure we are prepared to respond. After regular business hours, our dispatch center can call in additional help based on what is needed to address any potential changes in the weather.

Changing weather forecasts can also impact personnel and other non-personnel needs. When weather forecasts show a potential impact to our system, all personnel are placed on notice and prepared for their storm duties.

Additionally, any materials that we may need to respond during a storm are constantly monitored. As an extra precaution, we always maintain contact with our major suppliers and can receive additional materials in an emergency quickly.

Maintaining contact with important industry and cooperative officials can make a huge difference in our response and restoration efforts. As an electric cooperative, EnergyUnited has access to a large network of cooperative partners who can be called on to help restore power to our members quickly if needed.

Whatever Mother Nature has in store for us throughout the year, one thing is clear: EnergyUnited is here for you and ready to respond.

To receive timely updates during a major outage, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Our live outage map is also available to view on our website.

To learn more about how you can be prepared to respond before, during or after a storm, visit

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