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Stay Prepared for Summer Storms

Don't let summer storms rain on your parade, check out these tips for weathering even the stormiest weather.

Summer is the time for fun in the sun but can also bring about some pretty severe thunder storms. Whenever you see a storm brewing, it’s always best to head indoors and if you hear thunder, lightning is close enough to pose an immediate threat. Stay prepared for summer storms with these tips.

  • Never shelter under an isolated tree, tower or utility pole. Lightning tends to strike the taller objects in an area.
  • Immediately get off elevated areas such as hills, mountain ridges or peaks.
  • Immediately get out and away from ponds, lakes and other bodies of water.
  • Substantial buildings like offices, homes, and schools will always offer you the most reliable protection.
  • Stay away from objects that conduct electricity like, wiring, water, plumbing, or corded phones.
  • Though rare, it’s not a good idea to hand wash dishes or take a shower during a lightning storm in the event that a bolt strikes your piping.
  • Never lie flat on the ground.

For additional information wherever you may be this summer check out and as always, if you experience an outage please report it on our website immediately.


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