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Alexa, Save the Environment.

Learn how going automated can help you save some green.

Interested in automating your home but wondering where to start? Let us help you navigate the smart-home landscape so you save energy, save money and help protect the environment.

Smart products can be remotely managed from your phone, programmed to perform certain actions automatically and send alerts about performance issues before they become big problems.  Below is some key advice for leveraging smart home devices for energy savings.

1. Smart thermostats: Setting your smart thermostat to “eco” can help save you significant amounts of money and energy. Set it when you leave for work in the morning and enjoy the benefits of environmental and financial savings.

2. AI home devices: Linking your Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Siri device to household appliances is another great way to be more eco-friendly. Tell your AI home devices to turn off the lights, set the thermostat or even give a reminder to monitor energy spending.

3. Smart appliances: Making sure you are investing in energy-saving home appliances is another critical piece of the puzzle. Time for a dishwasher, clothes washer/dryer, or toilet upgrade? Why not choose a greener option that could end up saving you significant amounts of money.

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