Energy Management

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Further Empower your business with these Energy Management services from EnergyUnited:

Bill Management

Smart businesses throughout our region are discovering that EnergyUnited is a complete outsourcing solution for utility bill processing and payment of:

  • Electric and Natural Gas Bills
  • Water and Sewer Invoices
  • Waste Removal Bills

Not only will professional Bill Management reduce your processing costs, but it will also provide you with valuable energy information that can save you money in the future.

And, when combined with our expert consulting services, your business may be able to save even more money — the kind of savings you might never be able to duplicate on your own!

Don’t wait! Call EnergyUnited today at 1-800-682-1910 to sign up for the cost-efficient convenience and the reliability of EnergyUnited’s Bill Management program, or fill out the quick request form on this page and you will be contacted with more information.

Energy Management Solutions (EMS)

Energy management solutions (EMS) are one of the emerging technologies that enable organizations to collect real-time information on energy use through monitoring, assessing, and visualizing energy consumption.

Through our partnership with GridPoint, EnergyUnited offers an asset-level submetering solution that  aggregates structured data in a cost-effective, cloud-based software platform to provide visibility into equipment energy consumption in real-time.

Here are some examples of the types of monitoring that might be considered:

  • Primary electrical service to facility
  • HVAC & Lighting
  • Compressors and Motors (critical industrial equipment)
  • Generators and/or renewable generation (solar, wind, etc.)

You’ll be rewarded with cost-saving benefits like:

  • Real-time Monitoring of asset-level performance and power quality
  • Ability to easily validate HVAC and lighting control system settings
  • Intelligent control, smart alarms and advanced reporting
  • Project and event tracking that support ROI metrics

Call 1-800-682-1910 to speak with a representative about this or other services offered by EnergyUnited, or fill out the quick request form on this page and you will be contacted with more information.

Energy Procurement

How much is your company currently spending on energy sources? Probably more than you’d like. Now, you can do something about it…

Let EnergyUnited act as your energy advocate and acquire all sources of energy for your business’ functional needs. It’s your short-cut to savings!

Our seasoned energy experts can get you the most favorable rates on:

  • Electricity — to keep your business running
  • Natural Gas — for heat, energy, and warmth
  • Propane — for heating and functional needs
  • Oil — a necessity for some furnace systems
  • Coal — a time-tested energy source

EnergyUnited makes certain that our business clients are receiving the most favorable rates available in the marketplace — whether in a regulated or deregulated marketplace.

Let our Energy Procurement team stretch your purchasing power! Start saving money today! Call EnergyUnited at 1-800-682-1910, or fill out the quick request form on this page.

Energy Information Services

Let EnergyUnited design and install an Energy Information Services system for your company. Use it and obtain real-time or summary energy information for defined processes or operations within your business facilities. You’ll find Energy Information Services invaluable for:

  • Cost allocations on specific activities
  • Forecasting energy-related costs in budgets
  • Research into cost savings project identification

Even more exciting, opportunities are available for all utility uses — not just electricity. And when combined with our consulting services, you’ll save even more money.

Call today at 1-800-682-1910 to start tracking energy use in real-time with EnergyUnited’s Energy Information Services, or fill out the quick request form on this page and you will be contacted with more information.

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