Uninterrupted Power Supply

Generators from EnergyUnited can keep the motors running at your business

Commercial generators

What kinds of businesses use generators from EnergyUnited? Smart businesses that know that having unlimited power is mission-critical each and every operating day! EnergyUnited, a trusted energy provider, can perform assessments and recommend generators to fulfill a wide variety of power solutions for your business.

Depend on Generators from EnergyUnited to:

  • Prevent downtime resulting from power interruptions.
  • Allow for the rate switches to lower cost rates.

EnergyUnited also has full installation capabilities to provide turn-key project completion.

Plus, we offer the added advantage of financing or leasing alternatives to help maximize your company’s cash flow and feasibility.

Call EnergyUnited today at 1-800-682-1910, or fill the quick information request form on this page to request more information about Commercial Generators from EnergyUnited for your business.

We’re EnergyUnited – In Business to Help Your Business Succeed!

Propane Service from EnergyUnited can really heat things up for your business.

EnergyUnited truck

With the reliability of EnergyUnited’s Propane Gas Service, your business will always have an abundance of energy for heating and functional needs.

Ask about special rates for commercial and industrial customers.

Only EnergyUnited’s Propane Gas Service offers you all of these great benefits:

  • Commercial tanks sized from 100-60,000 gallons ag/au
  • Full service cylinder exchange
  • Bobtail & Transport loads
  • LPG Vaporizers and Air Mixing systems
  • Resellers & Refill stations to put you in business
  • A gas systems check on all installations
  • Highly skilled service techs to install all appliances & gas packs
  • Customer Service on call 24 hours a day
  • Shippers on the Dixie Pipeline

LPG Vaporizers and Air Mixing Systems Manage Your Natural Gas Usage!

Save with interruptible rates

Propane Vaporizer/Mixer Systems enable you to use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) as an alternative fuel – without modifying existing equipment or appliances. Dual-fuel capability allows you to contract for natural gas at more affordable interruptible rates without worrying that short supply might leave your operation high and dry. You can use your system as a backup or peak demand source of gas. Because the LP Gas mixture is equivalent to natural gas, you can easily switch between fuels as supplier or market conditions require.

Gain a reliable energy source

Propane Vaporizer/Mixer Systems offer an affordable strategy – with rapid ROI – for enhancing production reliability. Along with reducing your overall energy costs, the systems help you to avoid lost production and the equipment damage sometimes caused by unexpected plant shutdowns.

Request More Information on Power Supply from EnergyUnited:

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EnergyUnited serves more than 124,000 electric customers in central and western North Carolina, making it the second largest supplier of residential electricity in North Carolina. EnergyUnited Propane provides propane service to residential, commercial and industrial customers in 63 North Carolina counties and 11 South Carolina counties. LOCATIONS >>
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