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Capturis™, an NISC® company, provides multi-site organizations with a utility information management service. Capturis processes and pays utility bills for organizations with multiple sites prioritized by due date. By adopting the First Due, First Through® standard, Capturis achieves a higher level of on-time payments, thus reducing late fees and the potential for disconnection of service. Capturis also gathers the necessary energy information needed to make sound business decisions in a powerful, user-friendly database-reporting tool available online. At Capturis, our primary concern is paying utility bills timely and accurately.

Payment Processing
Capturis’ streamlined process pays utility bills prioritized by the First Due, First Through®, standard. This unique, in-house developed process achieves an industry-leading rate of on-time payments and dramatically reduces late fees and disconnection of services. At Capturis, the primary focus is to pay bills promptly and accurately – and First Due, First Through is the process that sets Capturis apart from the rest.

Processing Options
Capturis realizes the one-size-fits-all mentality doesn’t meet everyone’s business needs, so offering payment processing options was imperative. With the Pre-Payment Processing option, Capturis receives and processes invoices and forwards the payment file to the organization for payment, managing any missing bill issues. With Post-Payment Processing, the client receives, processes and pays all invoices, with all copies of the bills then forwarded to Capturis for upload to the web-based reporting tool for customer reporting and analytic requirements.

Dynamic Reporting Tools
Today’s energy management world is dramatically different than just a few years ago, and companies need far more than just bill payment services. Dynamic reporting tools can assist energy specialists to manage far more than just overall usage, expanding into reporting and forecasting. The key to successful reporting is accurate data and presentation in a user-friendly tool. Capturis gathers the necessary energy information needed to make sound business decisions and presents the data online in a powerful database-reporting tool.

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