Community Political Action

Representatives from EnergyUnited

EnergyUnited’s Grassroots-Actions Program will build meaningful and long-term relationships between the company and the communities it touches through active participation in the civic and decision-making process of each community and the implementation of beneficial partnerships with their governing authorities.

  • To be accepted and acknowledged by local political leaders in the EnergyUnited communities.
  • Build and maintain an open and two-way relationship with political leaders in the EnergyUnited communities.
  • To partner with the local community for mutually beneficial laws.
  • Involve employees in the customer-relationship building process.
  • Participate in meaningful, positive, civic-minded community organizations.
  • Develop an understanding of the problems and issues within a community.
  • Champion community development activities for growth and expansion.
  • Via the Grassroots-Actions Campaign, provide exemplary customer service to all communities.
  • Motivate and recognize employees for community-involvement activities.

Representatives from EnergyUnited and other North Carolina cooperatives visit Washington, DC and political leaders. The visits ensure that elected officials are aware of the issues facing the electric industry, cooperatives and our members (above).

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