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Propane Delivery & Service Options

Everybody is different, and that doesn’t change when it comes to propane needs. That’s why we’ve provided several options that allow for our customers to choose how they want to receive, plan and pay for efficient and affordable propane. Those options include Auto-Delivery, Smart Buy, Pre-Buy, Will Call and Lock-In Fee. We’ve highlighted the key points of each option below.

Smart Buy

  • Level payments spread out over the year
  • Locked-in rate
  • Runs April 1 to April 1 of each year
  • Set up as auto-delivery
  • Must be credit approved


  • Purchase propane in advance–do not have to pay when delivery is made
  • Set up as auto-delivery
  • Locked-in rate
  • Options: Pay in full up front or pay 50% up front and have 2 months to pay balance
  • Program ends every year on March 31st

Will Call

  • Call us when a delivery is needed
  • Allow 7—10 business days for delivery
  • Recommended to call when tank is at 30%
  • After-hours and/or same day delivery charges may be assessed if customer requests a delivery outside of a normal scheduled route

Lock-in Fee

  • Locked-in price per gallon for the season
  • Pricing is same as pre-buy per gallon, based on usage
  • Set up as auto-delivery
  • Program ends every year on March 31
Proud to Support Our Troops

As a thank you to those who have served our country, we are pleased to offer SPECIAL PROPANE SAVINGS for VETERANS and ACTIVE MILITARY PERSONNEL:

  • • 10 cents off per gallon and 10% off appliances
  • • $50 off 120-gallon tank install or
  • • $100 off 250-gallon tank or greater install

Installation and safety check charges waived if tank is already present.

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