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happymemberEnergyUnited is one of America’s most respected utility service companies. It is the second largest provider of residential electricity in North Carolina and among the 20 largest electric cooperatives in the United States.

Electric cooperatives are unique in that they are owned and controlled by the customers they serve, formed to provide at-cost, reliable electric service to their members. By contrast, investor-owned utilities such as Duke Energy and Progress Energy exist to serve customers and stockholders.

At EnergyUnited, our members and customers are one and the same, so our attention is focused on how to provide reliable electricity and other products and services at the lowest possible cost.

Founded 65 years ago, EnergyUnited serves more than a quarter million people in parts of 19 North Carolina counties in the fast-growing Piedmont section of North Carolina. With offices in seven cities and towns, EnergyUnited’s service area stretches the entire depth of the state, from the Virginia border to Mecklenburg County.

New Residential Service Application: To request new residential service, please click here and complete the application.  When your application is approved and  service is turned on at your new residence, you will become a member-owner of EnergyUnited, a value-oriented, not for profit cooperative.  We welcome you as a valued member and look forward to being your energy services provider.

To learn more about services or products we provide, contact Customer Care at 1-800-522-3793. Representatives are available Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to answer any questions or complete the sign-up process to begin electric service from EnergyUnited, or click here to find the EnergyUnited office that is most convenient for you.

Everything we do at EnergyUnited is centered around providing our members the best service at a reasonable cost and for its customers that means value. EnergyUnited’s reliability rating in 2013 was 99.97 percent, one of the highest ratings in the industry.

EnergyUnited wants its customers to be fully satisfied, and we take great pride in our service and endeavor to maintain the reliability of product and excellent customer service that our customers expect and deserve.

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EnergyUnited serves more than 124,000 electric customers in central and western North Carolina, making it the second largest supplier of residential electricity in North Carolina. EnergyUnited Propane provides propane service to residential, commercial and industrial customers in 63 North Carolina counties and 11 South Carolina counties. LOCATIONS >>
P.O. Box 1831
Statesville, NC 28687