Energy Efficiency Rebates

Residential – Let us help you set your thermostat to “rebate”


Upgrade your heat pump, and for a limited time, we’ll give you a rebate of $150.00 for a 15 SEER (seasonal efficiency ratio) upgrade or $300.00 for a 16 SEER or higher upgrade. That’s on top of the energy you’ll save by using a more energy-efficient heat pump.

It’s just another way to save money through the cooperative you own.

Act now, before this offer ends. Rebate good for homeowners only. Each applicant must be an EnergyUnited member. Limit two units per dwelling. Call 1-800-682-1910 today.

Heat Pumps provide both heating and cooling for your home and require only electricity to operate. Central Air-conditioners do not qualify for the Heat Pump rebate. Consult your HVAC contractor if you are not sure what type of system you have or plan to install.

Federal Tax Credits may also be available. Go to www.energystar.gov and click on “Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency” for details.

  • Energy Efficient Heat Pump Rebate Guidelines – This form provides an explanation of the criteria that must be met to qualify for the heat pump rebate and the additional information that should be included with the application.

  • Energy Efficient Heat Pump Rebate Request Form – Use this application form to request a heat pump rebate. Must be submitted within 30 days of unit installation. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing, once all forms are received. Please refer to Rebate Guidelines for a list of required forms.

  • Energy Efficient Heat Pump Dealer Agreement – The installing contractor must have read and submitted this form to qualify as a participating installer for the rebate program. A separate form is not required for each job once EnergyUnited has the initial Dealer Agreement on-file.

Commercial – You make the switch. We provide the rebate

When you go green, you’ll see more green (as in money) for your business. That’s because saving energy means saving money.

Replacing old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones will save money on your electric bill each month. But dedicating the money to make that change can be challenging for a business. That’s why EnergyUnited’s new rebate program helps provide the funds to make that change.

Commercial and industrial members who upgrade their light bulbs to more energy-efficient ones that meet EnergyUnited’s standards will be eligible for “per-unit” rebates. The rebate is based on how many Watts – or units of energy – are saved with the new bulbs. For each Watt saved, the co-op will provide the member a rebate of $0.20.

Those cents add up to big dollars. For example, replacing 20 metal halide 465-Watt bulbs with 20 high bay fluorescent 221-Watt bulbs would save 4,880 Watts. The rebate would total $976.00.

Many old light fixtures can be re-fitted for new bulbs, so you may be able to use your existing fixtures. To qualify for the rebate, the new light bulbs must have a manufacturer’s rated life of 36,000 hours or greater, and must be installed in a professional manner.*

Sign up today by calling EnergyUnited at 1-800-682-1910. As a cooperative owned by the people we serve, we’ll work with you every step of the way.

* Criteria for receiving rebates are subject to EnergyUnited standards. Please contact an EnergyUnited representative to discuss.

Rebate before and after

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