Forms and Standards

EnergyUnited offers two programs for renewable energy

The following documents below will be necessary/helpful in completing an Interconnection Application for EnergyUnited:

  • Interconnection Process This document outlines the basic process for requesting an interconnection with the EnergyUnited electric distribution system.
  • •Small Generation Interconnection Standard – These are the technical requirements for specifying, installing, and operating a small generation system on the EnergyUnited electric system.
  • Application for Interconnection This is the Application for small generation systems 100 kW and under.
  • Small Generation Interconnection Agreement – This is the application for interconnection for small generation systems 100 kW and under.
  • Interconnection Agreement – This is the agreement outlining the operating terms of the interconnection
  • Certificate of Completion – This document is used for Net Metering customers to verify that a system has been completed and inspected.
  • Blank Report of Proposed Construction – This is a blank copy of a Report of Proposed Construction that much be submitted to the NC Utilities Commission before an application is completed.
  • FERC form-556 – While not required for small systems, this form can be submitted to FERC for certification of a Qualifying Facility.
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