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Fees, Deposits and Other Service Charges

EnergyUnited Membership Fee: $5

A $5 membership fee is paid by all members of EnergyUnited to join the cooperative. This fee is refunded upon termination of electric service with the cooperative.

Connect Fee: $25 - $150

Connect fees are charged for each new account connected. The fee covers the cost involved in setting up the account and the actual physical connecting of the service. Connect fees range from $25 - $150 depending upon the situation.

Security Deposit

Security deposits are collected to protect EnergyUnited from unpaid bills and will be collected in advance of connection or reconnection of electric service if the Cooperative determines that such is needed. Deposits are held for 24 months for residential class members and 36 months for a commercial class members and will be refunded (bill credit) with interest once acceptable credit history with EnergyUnited has been established during that time period. Upon termination of service, the deposit, with interest, will be applied against any unpaid balances owed the Cooperative and the balance refunded. Any applicable interest rate shall be determined by the Board of Directors. When the account is terminated within three months of the connect, excess deposits, over the final balance, may be repaid to a third party who paid those deposits.

  Security deposits shall apply to the following classifications of applicants
  Residential Service
  • Acceptable credit - no deposit
  • Unacceptable credit - highest two months bill ($200 minimum)
Commercial or Large Power and General Service
  • Acceptable credit - no deposit
  • Unacceptable credit - highest two months bill ($500 minimum)
A security deposit may be waived under the following conditions:
  • Applicant provides a notarized guarantee acceptable to EnergyUnited which will remain in effect a minimum of 24 months and until the guaranteed account
         attains a satisfactory credit rating or service is terminated and the account settled.
  • Applicant is an established business with a good credit record.
  • Applicant already has an acceptable payment record with EnergyUnited.
  • A spouse shall receive the same credit rating as the other spouse in applying for service and treated accordingly.
A member has an acceptable payment record if during the past 24 months:
  • Has not been delinquent more than twice
  • Has not been on a Cut-Off list
  • Has not had a returned check
  • Has not tampered with his or her meter
Field Visit Fee: $30 - $100

A field visit fee is charged for trips made to the site to leave additional notification prior to disconnection of service because of delinquent payment; repeat visits to a location for similar requests where the problem is with the member's equipment; notification left a site when other attempts to make necessary contact with the member has been exhausted. Fees range from $30 to $100 depending upon the situation.

Meter Test Fee: $50

Electric service meters are accurate, precision instruments. Occasionally, members feel the meter is the reason for high electric bills and want their meters tested. A fee of $50, paid in advance, is collected before the meter is sent to an independent lab for testing. If the meter is found to be two percent or more in error, the testing fee will be refunded and the electric bill adjusted, UP or DOWN, according to the meter error.

Security Light Connection: $30

A $30 Security Light Connection fee will be charged when a security light is installed, connected or reconnected. When an existing light can be connected at the same time that electric service is connected, no service fee will be charged. A fee of $75 will be charged if the customer requests the light be connected the same day of the request.

Past Due Interest Charge: 1 1/2% of Past Due Amount

If a customer has not paid the past due amount on his or her bill, a Past Due Interest Charge of one and one-half percent of the past due amount will be added to the bill.

Cut-Off Notice Fee: $15

Bills are due upon receipt and will be considered delinquent if payment is not received in the office by the date indicated on the bill. Members whose bills become delinquent will be charged a late payment interest charge (currently 1.5 percent); a cut-off notice will be mailed giving the scheduled disconnect date, and a $15 cut-off notice fee will be added to the account.

Reconnection Fee After Being Disconnected for Non-Payment

To have electric service reconnected after being disconnected for non-payment, full payment that includes the following must be made: notice fee, reconnect fee(s), delinquent amount, and any fees that may be associated with the collection process. Reconnection requests received between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, will be charged a $50 reconnect fee. If the request to reconnect is received after 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or anytime on a weekend or holiday that is observed by EnergyUnited, and the customer requests to be reconnected that same day, a $100 after-hours reconnect fee will be charged.

Returned Check Charges: Maximum amount allowed by North Carolina

The Cooperative will charge the current maximum amount allowed by the state of North Carolina each time a check is returned by the bank. The check will be redeposited one time if it was returned for insufficient funds. After these attempts, a collect or disconnection order will be issued. Before being reconnected, the customer must pay the amount of the check, all returned check charges, any field visit charges, and/or a reconnection fee.

Same-Day Service Fee: $50 or $150

EnergyUnited is committed to providing next day connections for normal service connections. However, if a member insists on connection the same day as the request, there will be a $50 Same-Day Service Fee to cover employee time due to changing schedules. If the request for service on the same day comes after 5 p.m. on a normal business day or weekend or holiday that is observed by EnergyUnited, a $100 fee will be charged to cover the additional overtime labor cost. Same day connection fees for new locations requiring an EnergyUnited construction crew such as temporary service or temporary to permanent service are $100 before 1 p.m. and $150 after 1 p.m.

Electric Service Conversions, Overhead to underground: $300 minimum or $3 per foot

Security Light conversion from another type fixture of equal value: $40

Security Light Pole relocation: $150 for overhead lines. $300 minimum or $3 per foot for underground lines.