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In an effort to provide you, our member-owners, with the most reliable and cost-effective electric delivery service, we are conducting a Field Asset Inventory to more accurately document the location and condition of our equipment. This process includes taking inventory of everything from poles and transformers to security lights and meters and helps us update mapping and maintenance records. We expect to complete this project in early 2020.

The inventory crews start at each of our substations, working across all circuits to acquire the GPS coordinates of EnergyUnited assets. Completing this process will be a foundation for other operating and maintenance technologies.


We will improve better outage response time and outage analysis by:

  • Confirming how members are connected to the electric system.
  • Sending crews to more precise device and customer locations.

By lowering operating costs and having improved records, we will:

  • Hold all third-party companies accountable that pay to attach to EnergyUnited poles (such as cable, phone, etc.).
  • Reduce NC 811 locate tickets for excavators by knowing equipment locations.
  • Help locate, find and remove security lights and other equipment at vacant locations.

EnergyUnited has hired Davey Resource Group to perform the Field Asset Inventory. As part of this inventory, contractors will be coming out to every member’s house or business at some point to GPS-locate our assets. As always, your safety is at the forefront of our minds, which is why all contractors will be identified with an EnergyUnited logo on all vehicles and will have a photo ID badge issued by EnergyUnited with them at all times.

Davey Resource Group provides a full range of natural resource and utility consulting services to the commercial, residential, municipal and governmental markets.


Contractors will walk or drive along the route of the EnergyUnited facilities, along roads and on private property.

Contractors will have an EnergyUnited logo marked on their vehicles and ID cards; however, they will wear their own uniforms, not EnergyUnited uniforms.

Contractors may need to access pole lines via private roads with gates or chains or “no trespassing” signs. Please remember that our easements give EnergyUnited the right to access and maintain our facilities.

Members will receive a general notification from EnergyUnited (phone call, email and/or postcard) regarding the time frame that contractors are expected to be in the area.

Contractors will need to access the meter base location to confirm asset information, which may be in a backyard or restricted, fenced-in area.

Contractors will not be installing, removing or selling any equipment and will not require access into a member’s home.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation throughout this process. We are looking forward to the many benefits this inventory will bring to you and to EnergyUnited. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the Field Asset Inventory, please contact a member of Customer Care at 1-800-522-3793.

Areas Where We Are Currently Working:

Between now and early 2020 we will be working in the Lake Norman region. We will be starting in Huntersville and Cornelius and moving around the southern end of our service territory. We will then move into the Cowan’s Ford area, up to Denver and finish in the Sherrill’s Ford area.


Field Asset Inventory Brochure
Field Asset Inventory Q&A

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