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Interconnection Process for Small Generation 150 kW or Less

The following is an outline of the basic process and procedure for interconnecting a small generation system with the EnergyUnited electric distribution system. By following the steps below, members can help ensure a quicker, safer and smoother project. Although every project is different and may have different requirements, the process listed below will apply to most projects. NOTE: EnergyUnited’s ability to interconnect new generators is subject to limitations based on load levels, the amount of existing generation, the configuration of the system and other factors. Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Application for Interconnection

  • Before construction can begin, a Report of Proposed Construction must be submitted to the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC). A sample report is available on the EnergyUnited website. For Item 10 of the report, please indicate whether you will be participating in EnergyUnited’s Net Metering (NM) or Small Generation Purchased Power (SGPPS) program. Please be sure to name EnergyUnited as the utility you are interconnecting with.
  • (Optional) Generators participating in either the purchased power (SGPPS) or Net Metering (NM) programs must be a “Qualifying Facility” (QF) as defined by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). All small renewable energy facilities meeting EnergyUnited’s requirements for interconnection will also meet the QF requirements. Projects smaller than 1 MW are no longer required to file with FERC as Qualifying Facilities; however, those wishing to do so may file FERC Form 556 to self-qualify as a QF. A copy of this form is available on the EnergyUnited website. This step is optional and is not required by EnergyUnited for interconnection.
  • Submit an “Application to Interconnect Small Generation 150 kW or Less” along with all required materials to EnergyUnited. (A list of all required materials is given on the first page of the application. All applications must be accompanied by the Application Fee of $100 for Residential members or $250 for Commercial members.) All required items MUST be received for an application to be considered complete. Only completed applications will be considered and approved.
  • The application will then be placed into a queue based on time of receipt of the complete application. In the event that there are limits on the amount of generation that can be placed on the EnergyUnited system, either as a whole or in certain areas, projects will be accommodated based on position in the queue. Projects that have been rejected due to limited availability will be reconsidered if conditions change, again based on original position in the queue.
  • Upon approval of the Application for Interconnection, EnergyUnited will send the member two copies of the Interconnection Agreement. The member shall sign both and return one copy to EnergyUnited. Net Metering participants will also receive a 1-year contract for participation that must also be signed and returned to EnergyUnited. At this point, the remaining steps are determined by the interconnection program the member will be participating in.
For Purchased Power (SGPPS) participants:
  • Meet with an EnergyUnited staking technician to locate the dedicated meterbase for the generation system and to decide how the EU feed will reach this meterbase. Proceed with construction.
  • Upon receipt of final inspection from the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), EnergyUnited will set the new meter. Following this, the system may be energized and placed into service. If any interconnection tests are required by EnergyUnited, notice will be made prior to this.
For Net Metering (NM) participants:
  • Construction may proceed immediately after approval of the application.
  • Upon completion of the system, return a Certificate of Completion to EnergyUnited along with a copy of the final inspection from the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Upon acknowledgment of receipt by EnergyUnited, the system may be energized and placed into service. If any interconnection tests are required, the member will be notified upon receipt of the Certificate of Completion.
  • After the generation system has been placed in service, billing will commence per the appropriate EnergyUnited rate schedule (SGPPS or Rider NM).
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