Get cozy with indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces from EnergyUnited Propane

Propane gas fireplaces

It’s easy to add charm to any room with a fireplace that works on a gas system. A gas fireplace offers all the ambiance and warmth of a wood-burning fireplace without any of the mess, smoke and ash.

In addition to being virtually maintenance free, a gas fireplace is as easy to light as your stovetop, with remote control or a wall switch. No more fussing with kindling and hoping it catches. And you can turn it off as easily—no worries about smoldering embers when you go to bed or leave the house.

Other benefits of a gas fireplace include:

  • eco-friendly, clean burning fuel
  • realistic-looking flames
  • efficient supplemental heat source
  • add value to your home
  • install anywhere—living room, bedroom, even a bathroom

EnergyUnited Propane has a wide selection of gas fireplaces sizes and styles, from traditional stone and brick looks to contemporary glass boxes, in both built-in and insert models. We also offer an extensive selection of outdoor gas fireplaces and fire pits, great for outdoor entertaining.

Propane gas heating equipment is easy to install in any room or outdoors, with no chimney required. Visit one of our 13 showrooms throughout North and South Carolina or contact us for more information. 1-800-522-3793

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