Water Heaters

The Department of Energy estimates that approximately 20 percent of a home’s energy costs are spent heating water. That’s why selecting an efficient water heater is critical — and propane fuels some of the most efficient water heating technologies available.

Noritz tankless water heater
See how tankless water heaters work

Tankless water heaters

Propane tankless water heaters provide comfort, versatility, convenience, and efficiency by supplying high volumes of hot water with compact and highly innovative technology.

These systems eliminate standby energy losses that occur in storage tank systems because they only heat water on demand. They’re compact in size, provide superior energy efficiency, and deliver an endless supply of hot water. Since a tankless system can average a flow rate of hundreds of gallons per hour, you’ll never have to worry about your family running out of hot water!

Storage tank water heaters

Storage tank water heater

Compact in size and equipped with leading features like electronic ignition and highly insulated tanks, Energy Star–qualified propane storage tank water heaters offer superior value and comfort.

They are a versatile, efficient, and reliable hot water solution, with a wide range of capacities to meet demands for any home.

EnergyUnited Propane has an extensive selection of propane water heaters from Noritz, Rinnai and Bradford White, backed by a team of knowledgeable pros who can help you choose the right system for all of your water heating needs.

Visit one of our 13 showrooms throughout North and South Carolina or contact us today for more information: 1-800-522-3793.



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