Residential Propane

Reliable, efficient residential propane from EnergyUnited Propane

Need propane? Get started now!

Are you looking for an efficient and affordable fuel to heat your home? Propane is a clean-burning alternative that provides reliable, steady heat and can be used to power many other appliances in and around your home. Additionally, propane-fired heating systems are much easier to maintain.

When you choose EnergyUnited Propane you’ll reap even more benefits in terms of both savings and convenience.

Based entirely in the Carolinas, EnergyUnited Propane is not an anonymous corporate conglomerate. We’re local. We live where you live and are dedicated to providing the best customer service and round-the-clock peace of mind.

When you call us—day or night—you’ll always speak to a live, local person who can answer your questions and address your problem quickly and courteously.

We also offer great pricing, with low cost hazmat fees or fuel surcharges, and reasonable delivery rates. Compare that to other companies, who may offer rock-bottom fuel prices, but get you with hidden charges and exorbitant delivery fees and tank rental charges. When you heat your home with EnergyUnited Propane, your tank rental is on us. And our convenient Auto Delivery Plan means you’ll avoid the expense and hassle of running out of fuel.

EnergyUnited Propane offers a full range of propane appliances and equipment to help you make the most of this versatile fuel: underground propane tanks, generators, water heaters, outdoor lighting and space heaters, pool heaters, fireplaces, log sets and more.

To learn more about the benefits of propane and the many ways to use it in and around your home, contact EnergyUnited Propane or call us today at 1-800-522-3793.

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EnergyUnited serves more than 124,000 electric customers in central and western North Carolina, making it the second largest supplier of residential electricity in North Carolina. EnergyUnited Propane provides propane service to residential, commercial and industrial customers in 63 North Carolina counties and 11 South Carolina counties. LOCATIONS >>
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