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Power Surge

Technical Specifications

Meter Base Surge Arrestor


120 VAC/240 VAC Surge Arrestor for residential usage. Installed at wattmeter, safely clamps and dissipates lightning-induced AC line high-voltage current impulses going to a residence. Also protects against AC line temporary overvoltage conditions.


  • 40,000 amp peak capability, each 120 VAC leg
  • 210 VAC, continuous 5-minute temporary overvoltage clamping capacity
  • Lowest reliable voltage clamping level
  • Safety fusing, both 120 VAC legs
  • Patented LED “unit good” indicators, both 120 VAC legs
  • Fireproof and explosion-proof polycarbonate glass-fiber-reinforced enclosure with matching mounting connector
  • Sealed unit except for mounting connector wiring opening
  • For less inductance, 10# AWG tinned wires
  • Electrical and Environmental Specs
  • Triple surge electrical chart

Telephone Line Surge Arrestor Specs

  • Surge clamp peak voltage with 1,000 volt unipolar 8/20 µsec current impulse with 3,000 amp source capability
  • Metallic (tip to ring) = 310 volts average
  • Longitudinal = 310 volts average
  • Series loop resistance = 80 ohms
  • Coax Line Surge Arrestor Specs

Coax Surge Arrestor

  • 8/20 µsec single impulse withstand capability (20,000 amps)
  • Protects from line to ground
  • Operating frequency = 0–1 GHz
  • Response time < 5 nanoseconds
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