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Bright Ideas Program

Bright Ideas Education Grants 

The NC Bright Ideas program has expanded learning opportunities for students and teachers for 30 years by awarding grants to North Carolina teachers to support innovative, classroom-based projects that wouldn’t typically be funded by schools. Sponsored through North Carolina’s Touchstone Energy cooperatives, Bright Ideas supports teachers who believe enhanced education inspires young minds, which is similar to EnergyUnited’s core value to create a brighter tomorrow within our communities. Since 1994, EnergyUnited has awarded more than $1 million to K-12 teachers through NC Bright Ideas.

The program is accepting applications until September 15, 2024

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2023 Bright Ideas Winners

2023 NC Bright Ideas Winners
Applicant Name Grant Amount
Brawley Middle Alicia Driver $916.25
Valley Academy Alisha Whicker Ramsey $1,760.90
Union Grove Elementary Allison Hughes $1,044.56
Southwood Elementary Amber Crotts $1,479.00
China Grove Middle Amber White $2,000.00
Agriculture & Science Early College Amy Fuhrman $600.00
Statesville Christian School Angela Hines $2,000.00
Statesville High Anne Ellis $1,500.00
West Iredell Middle Cortney Frasier $1,649.40
First Ward Creative Arts Academy Cynthia Ham $1,992.59
The North Carolina Leadership Academy Gina Tucker $2,000.00
East Iredell Middle James Nelson $1,439.88
Midway Elementary Janell Willard $1,000.00
Sedge Garden Elementary Julia Goldman $1,857.00
Troutman Middle Kelly Cannon $989.00
Union Grove Elementary Kelly Hill $400.00
The North Carolina Leadership Academy Kelly McCann Hartzell $852.00
Aggie Academy Kimberly J. Griffis $1,106.00
Wittenburg Elementary Kristine Ford $1,500.00
South Iredell High Lenae Scafidi $1,613.00
Third Creek Elementary Marsha Wilson $1,893.17
The Brawley School Megan Collins $2,000.00
Welcome Elementary Melanie Burrow $586.79
Mineral Springs Middle Michelle Pate $1,745.00
Kimmel Farm Elementary Monica Moore $845.00
Alexander Central High Paige Jackson $1,727.46
Alexander Early College Rachelle Cain $2,000.00
Thomasville Primary Rebecca Montes de Oca $1,185.15
West Iredell High Ryne Cooper $1,985.55
Lake Norman High School Sara Webb $888.26
Pleasant Garden Elementary Savannah Bittner $1,502.76
Stokesdale Elementary Shawn Brooks $1,815.00
East Alexander Middle Taylor Gallyon $2,000.00
Total $47,873.72
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