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Bright Ideas Program

Bright Ideas Education Grants 

EnergyUnited is now accepting Bright Ideas grant applications! The NC Bright Ideas program has expanded learning opportunities for students and teachers for over 25 years by awarding grants to North Carolina teachers to support innovative, classroom-based projects that wouldn’t typically be funded by schools. Sponsored through North Carolina’s Touchstone Energy cooperatives, Bright Ideas supports teachers who believe enhanced education inspires young minds, which is similar to EnergyUnited’s core value to create a brighter tomorrow within our communities.

Since 1994, EnergyUnited and the Bright Ideas program has funded more than 13,500 projects for local teachers across 19 counties in North Carolina, impacting over more than 2.8 million students.


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2022 Bright Ideas Winners

2022 NC Bright Ideas Winners
Applicant Name Grant Amount
Alexander Central High Samantha Strathy $1,069.90
Stoner-Thomas School Sara Nussman $1,898.00
Woodland Heights Middle School Beth Garver $1,600.00
Langtree Charter Academy Molly E. Maginnis $1,160.00
North Rowan Elementary Ashley Miller $1,500.00
Brawley Middle Alicia Driver $795.94
West Alexander Middle Ashley Huss $1,312.15
Oak Grove High School Sarah Bridges $1,000.00
Davidson Elementary Denise DiTondo $1,000.00
Southwood Elementary Andria Roberson $1,000.00
The North Carolina Leadership Academy Gina Tucker $800.00
Guilford Elementary Thomas Gray – HM****** $790.00
Ward Elementary Mary Tesh $229.13
Pinebrook Elementary McKenzie Dotson $600.00
East Alexander Middle Taylor Gallyon $2,000.00
Mineral Springs Elementary Bonnie M. Alexander $1,000.00
Oak Grove High School John Spillman $1,400.00
Blythe Elementary Marlyn Childers $1,249.00
Reagan High Shannon Pylant $1,205.00
Hanes Middle Desirae Balsamo – HM**** $760.00
Reynolds High Nicole Eskridge $300.00
Thomasville Primary Toni Tricarico $1,179.98
West Davidson High Patricia “Cheyenne” Swing $999.90
Speas Elementary Michael Lauricella $1,495.00
Central Davie Academy Danny Lough $500.00
Crossroads Arts & Science Ealry College Tracy Skeens $638.00
Midway Elementary Nina Allen $367.92
North Rowan Elementary Christy Trapp $1,500.00
Taylorsville Elementary Michelle Robinson $1,194.11
The North Carolina Leadership Academy Kelly M Hartzell $1,259.00
Douglass Elementary Samantha Crews $820.00
Walnut Cove Elementary Genna Holt $1,000.00
Mineral Springs Middle April Michelle Hurlocker $1,000.00
Liberty Preparatory Christian Academy CariAnn Kingston $1,000.00
Lake Norman Charter – Middle School Margaret Bond $1,000.00
Bandys High Ryan Cosson $2,000.00
Moravian Falls Elementary Paula Farmer $1,296.00
Cook Elementary Madelyn Hughes $230.00
Caleb’s Creek Elementary Natalie Byerly $2,000.00
Barringer Academic Center Evelyn King Metcalf – HM**** $1,219.90
Alexander Central High Justin Deal $1,500.00
Lakeshore Middle Thomas Landon Hill $500.00
North Iredell High Adrian Bustle $820.00
Total $46,188.93
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