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What is My EnergyHub?

Meet the secure, convenient platform to pay your bill, monitor your energy spending and more. Available on our website or as a mobile app, My EnergyHub has multiple features that make managing your account as easy as possible. Plus, you can notify EnergyUnited of outages, get alerts, and have access to other great features, right on your smartphone or computer.

To register, you will need:

- Your account number (found on the top right portion of your bill)
- The last name or business name on the account
- An email address
- The billing zip code on the account.

Then, let the convenience begin!


My EnergyHub allows you to customize how EnergyUnited communicates with you, so you get the information you need, however you want it. Set outage alerts, subscribe to communications, or even go paperless—the choice is yours.


Making payments through My EnergyHub is fast and easy. The first time you make a payment either through the web or through your mobile device, you’ll be able to securely store your payment information for future transactions. The next time you need to pay your bill, it will only take a couple of clicks. You can also set to autopay, and even select to go completely paperless—it’s one way to help us keep rates low for our members!


As soon as you log in, you’ll be able to view your energy usage history and make a payment with ease. You’ll be able to see your current bill, along with bills from the previous month or even the previous summer, if you want to compare costs. Not only will you see your billing history, but you’ll be able to view your actual energy use to see how your use is trending over time, which could empower you to take steps for lowering your consumption…and your bill.

How to read
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Check out our tips on how to read your formatted bill!

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How To

Get Started

You can download the My EnergyHub app at the Apple App or Google Play stores. We suggest using the My EnergyHub mobile app to access your account online. While the app will work great, iOS users (iPhone and iPad devices) will be unable to utilize the embedded login tool on mobile browsers (as opposed to the app), since this tool requires users to accept cookies, and that function is not currently available for iOS users.

First-time users will need:
- Your account number (found on the top right portion of your bill)
- The last name or business name on the account
- An email address
- The billing zip code on the account.

My EnergyHub



What is the difference between the My EnergyHub web portal and mobile app?

Both platforms are part of EnergyUnited’s online account management system for members. The website has additional functionality that allows members to manage notifications, update their stored payment methods, and change their personal information.

Both the web version and mobile app allow members to securely access their account information, view bills and payment history, make payments, view energy use, and report outages.


Do I need to register for My EnergyHub?

All members have access to their account through My EnergyHub. If you are a new member, to create a new online account, click “New User? Register to use My EnergyHub!”

Residential members will need to have their account number on hand before starting this process.

Commercial members will need to have the tax ID number for their business. After clicking on the “New User” link, type your billing account number, last name or business and email address in the requested fields. Then follow the steps to set up your online account and you’re all set..


How do I request a payment extension?

Payment extensions can be granted for qualifying accounts and can be made up at the next bills due date. Log into My EnergyHub to access your account online to see if you qualify for a payment extension.

To set a Payment Extension:

  1. Log into My EnergyHub. Click on the Billing and Payments tab.
  2. On the left side of the screen click on Payment Extensions
  3. If the account is eligible click on Create Payment Extension button.


I am currently enrolled to receive Text Outage Alerts with EnergyUnited, do I need to enroll in My EnergyHub?

Yes, you will need to register with My EnergyHub to update your notifications, including Text Outage Alerts.

Our new member communications preferences provide multiple other alert options and we hope you will be pleasantly surprised at the enhancements to receive communications from EnergyUnited.


Do EnergyAdvantage Members need to sign up for My EnergyHub?

EnergyAdvantage members are required to register with My EnergyHub and will be able to manage account preferences as well as view their account balance and daily energy usage.


How does this affect my payment options?

Members who prefer to make in-person payments at any authorized location will have more options.

Members will still be able pay their bills using CheckFreePay at any authorized Fiserv payment location without incurring a fee—however, these payments will no longer post real-time.

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