Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency from EnergyUnited is cost effective for your business.

A penny saved is a penny earned, but today, those pennies can represent thousands of dollars to businesses like yours.

That’s why EnergyUnited’s Energy Efficiency team works on behalf of businesses throughout the region to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy cost.

Let EnergyUnited Help Your Company:

  • Reduce lighting costs
  • Use your HVAC systems more economically
  • Conserve water and eliminate overuse
  • Make steam systems work more effectively

EnergyUnited’s Energy Efficiency program, when coupled with a program like bill management, can help reduce your processing cost, as well as provide you with valuable energy information that can save you money in the future.

And, when combined with our expert consulting services, your business may be able to save even more money – the kind of savings you might never be able to duplicate on your own!

Don’t wait! To take the next step toward efficiency for your business, call EnergyUnited today at 1-800-682-1910.

Fill the quick information request form on this page to request more information about Energy Efficiency Service from EnergyUnited.

The EnergyUnited Questline Service

Have you ever had a technical question, or needed research assistance, but you didn’t know where to turn or who to ask? EnergyUnited provides the answers you need.

EnergyUnited is pleased to introduce the EnergyUnited Questline. EnergyUnited Questline is a no cost technical assistance service that provides technical, business, research and information assistance quickly and easily. EnergyUnited Questline is provided at no cost because we value our relationships with customers. We understand that if the companies we serve are strong – then we are strong.

Questline libraryThe EnergyUnited Questline service includes an on-line library of information with a database of technical business and engineering documents and resources. You can browse through the library topics or use the powerful keyword search engine to find the information you need.

Questline toolsThe online portal also includes targeted research tools (for patent searches, MSDS documents, company profile information, workplace posters, and more) and benchmark industry data.

Questline ask an expertIf you can’t find exactly what you need in the library, EnergyUnited Questline includes a technical, marketing and problem-solving “Ask an Expert” hotline service that EnergyUnited also provides FREE to our customers. There is no usage limit, all questions and answers are held in strict confidence, and answers are typically issued within 24-48 hours.

Register now for the EnergyUnited Questline to get answers to your questions on:

  • Facilities Systems and Equipment
  • Process Technologies
  • Energy Fundamentals and Management
  • Facility and Manufacturing Management
  • Business Development
  • And more!

To gain access to or sign-up for the EnergyUnited Questline service, please click here.

Request More Information on Energy Efficiency:

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