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Holiday Energy Savings Tips

November 2019

Keep your Wallet Cozy

Keeping the heat on at full blast is simply not sustainable—and we mean both for your wallet and the environment. Here’s how you can save some green this season. 1. Every degree of temperature change influences the energy in your home by about 8%—which means if you were setting your thermostat at 72°F but can…

Member Interview: Melanie Reeves

October 2019

Electric member & propane customer, Melanie Reeves shares her thoughts on what it means to be a valued member.

As a leading energy services provider, it’s crucial that we understand our members’ energy needs, concerns and usage requirements so that we can better support home and business requirements. So, we’re interviewing electric members, propane customers, and business leaders across our service areas to provide insights on how we can serve you better. 1. How…

Why Co-ops?

October 2019

October is National Co-op month, here's why they're so great.

Being a co-op member is about so much more than receiving reliable power at an affordable price. We do business differently, and if we may say so—in a way that brings communities closer, empowers the future, and builds positive relationships. In honor of National Co-op Month, we’d like to highlight a couple of the things…

A/C Summer Savings Tips

July 2019

Energy bill have you feeling anxious? Don’t sweat it! Check out these tips to keep your home and energy bill cool!

Running the air conditioning can make your electricity bill skyrocket, but the alternative isn’t too great either. Luckily, there are several ways you can help you’re A/C run better and save you money during the heat of the season. 1. Check your insulation Unless your home is brand new, it’s likely that the cold air…

Power Up Your Summer with Propane

July 2019

Get to know the source of outdoor summer fun.

Over the years, we’ve made a name for ourselves by growing into the largest not-for-profit electric cooperative in the region, but we also offer propane products, services, and round-the-clock support for our propane customers! EnergyUnited Propane has been proudly serving North and South Carolina with quality propane gas and friendly neighborhood service since 2000. If…

Give Your A/C The Day Off

May 2019

Stay cool & save energy with this simple action!

Our state-of-the-art tool, Energy Advisor creates a home profile for your residence and shows ways in which you could better save your energy (and money). For example, you might be running your A/C a lot more than you need to. By opening the windows and running your fans you can let Mother Nature do the…

It’s Good to Get Plugged-in

April 2019

A greener future starts with you.

Plug-in NC is a state-wide program that promotes driving electric vehicles through education, consulting and resource development. It’s member organizations have committed to supporting electric vehicles and a more sustainable future. Since 2011, they’ve worked to install charging stations, purchased electric vehicles, and promote electric vehicle education and outreach activities. Their support and efforts are…

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