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Nothing says more about the spirit of EnergyUnited and its members than the EnergyUnited Foundation’s Operation Round-Up program. Participation in the Foundation’s Operation Round-Up program is a way that EnergyUnited members can be a part of something good and gratifying that is much bigger than themselves.

The EnergyUnited Foundation is a charitable program that provides the assistance to families and individuals with urgent needs they cannot meet themselves. The Foundation also awards grants to a variety of community non-profit organizations that provide assistance to those in need.

EnergyUnited members who participate in the Operation Round-Up program allow their monthly electric bills to be rounded up to the next highest dollar amount. A participant’s donation for any month may be as little as a penny or as much as 99 cents. The average donation is about $6 a year. Monthly bills reflect the amount donated, and the annual summary of contributions is shown on the member’s January electric bill.

The  EnergyUnited Foundation has awarded over $3 million since the program begin in 1996. Foundation grants assist with personal disasters, living expenses, and the purchase of health-related equipment. Funds to non-profit organizations are not used for operating expenses, salaries, or for political purposes.

The EnergyUnited Foundation is administered by a nine-person board of directors, which meets monthly to review applications and award funding to needy community members and/or non-profit organizations.  This is what is known as our Operation Round-Up program.  The money that is collected from members who choose to participate in the Operation Round-Up program is granted to those that are approved by the EnergyUnited Foundation board of directors.  You do not need to be a member of EnergyUnited to serve on the EnergyUnited Foundation Board.

For more information about the EnergyUnited Foundation, call 1-800-522-3793.

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