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2021 Board Of Directors Election

Each year, EnergyUnited’s members elect three directors, each representing one of the cooperative’s three districts and the entire cooperative’s membership. Your vote helps elect uniquely qualified board members to represent you and your fellow cooperative members. We look forward to your engagement and participation in this year’s election process.


Why Should I Vote?

Part of the value of being a member-owner of EnergyUnited is the opportunity to participate in the annual election of our board of directors and choose our cooperative’s leadership. The board of directors that you elect has the final say on all major decisions made by your cooperative, from the policies that are set to the rates we charge for electricity to overseeing the chief executive officer position that manages EnergyUnited’s daily operations.

How Do I Vote?

Members will vote by mail-in ballot or electronic ballot. Members who have shared an email address with the cooperative will receive an electronic ballot by email. All other members will receive a mail-in ballot by U.S. Mail. Members will receive additional. instructions with their ballot. If you have not received a ballot by August 15th, please contact Survey and Ballot Systems by telephone at 952-974-2339 or by email at

When Do I Vote?

The Board of Directors Election will begin August 10th and close on September 10th. If you share your email address with EnergyUnited, an electronic ballot will be emailed to you on August 10th. Otherwise, a mail-in ballot will be sent to you on August 10th by U.S. Mail. All members should receive a mail-in or electronic ballot by August 15th. If you do not receive a ballot by August 15th, please contact Survey and Ballot Systems by telephone at 952-974-2339 or by email at You can add or update your email address by logging into your EnergyUnited Account.

Nomination and Election Process

Members are nominated to be director candidates by the Nominating Committee (PDF) or by Member Petition. The EnergyUnited Board of Directors Election is independently administered by Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS). The Credentials and Elections Committee (PDF) certifies the EnergyUnited Board of Directors Election results and makes the final decision concerning any election related issue.

For more information on the cooperative’s Nominating Committee and Credentials & Election Committee, please refer to the cooperative’s website or Connect (the member newsletter included in each issue of Carolina Country magazine), and the Cooperative’s Bylaws. For more information on the independent administration of the EnergyUnited Board of Directors Election, please contact Survey and Ballot Systems by telephone at 952-974-2339 or by email at

Due to our commitment to social distancing to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, we encourage potential candidates to contact the Nominating Committee as opposed to pursuing signatures on a member petition.

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2021 Annual Meeting

EnergyUnited’s 2021 Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 16. Results of the 2021 BOD Election will be announced at the Annual Meeting. Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, the meeting will be held virtually. Details coming soon!

2021 EnergyUnited District Map


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