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Q. What is the EnergyAdvantage program?

A. The EnergyAdvantage program allows members to monitor their electric usage, manage their account and purchase electricity on a “pay as you go” basis. This program allows members to purchase electricity when they want and in the amount they choose.

Q. Who can benefit from the EA program?

A. Members who want to manage their electric cost can benefit from this program. They can view their daily usage online on their account, take energy-efficiency measures and see the results. Statistics indicate that pay-as-you-go programs help lower electric usage—sometimes by 10% or more—as consumers become more aware of their electric consumption.

EnergyAdvantage is a good solution for members who are facing financial difficulties and may find it easier to make weekly or biweekly payments rather than one large monthly payment. This program allows the member to choose the time and amount of their payments in accordance with their budget. In addition, those accounts will never receive interest penalties or delinquent fees.

Members who enroll in the EnergyAdvantage program are not required to make a deposit. For new accounts, this reduces the initial cost to set up service. Existing members, who have deposits on their account, will have that deposit refunded to their account when they switch to the EnergyAdvantage program.

Q. Who can participate in this program?

A. The program is available for all residential locations and locations supporting the residence such as a detached garage, well pump, fence, etc., where an AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) meter has been installed. The program is completely voluntary and is offered to both existing members and new members connecting service with EnergyUnited.

Q. How much does it cost to enroll in the EnergyAdvantage program?

A. A $50 minimum credit balance is required at enrollment. In addition, a $40.00 fee* is required to install the remote disconnect device. *Note: This amount may be waived in some situations. Accounts enrolled in the EnergyAdvantage program are subject to a monthly service fee of $7.00.

Q. How can I stay informed about my account or balance?

A. EnergyUnited offers two fast and easy options to obtain account information 24/7: by calling our automated account information system at 1-800-636-2371 or going online to your account page.

Q. Will I receive a bill each month?

A. Members enrolled in the EnergyAdvantage program will be automatically enrolled in paperless billing and will not receive a monthly bill or statement.

Q. Will EnergyUnited notify me if my account balance is low or needs to be replenished?

A. You must register for My EnergyHub to choose your notification options. You may elect to receive notifications by home phone, cell phone, text message and/or email alert notifications. Since this is the only notification that you will receive from EnergyUnited, we suggest that you select more than one alert method. If you choose the low balance notification, approximately five days before we project that your account will be at a zero or non-credit balance, you will receive an alert via the selected notification method(s). This will give you an opportunity to purchase more electricity before running out of credit.

Q. How can I make payments?

A. EnergyUnited offers several convenient payment options. You can make payments at an EnergyUnited authorized payment agent, by mail, or via online banking. In addition, you can make payments 24 hours per day by phone, online or mobile app by logging into on your account.

Q. Is there a minimum payment amount requirement?

A. No, we do not require a minimum payment amount while a member is enrolled in the EnergyAdvantage program. Members can choose to pay as much or as little as they wish. However, when a member enrolls in the EnergyAdvantage program or reestablishes the program after disconnection, a minimal account balance of $50 will be required.

Q. Can I use the bank draft payment option on this plan?

A. EnergyAdvantage accounts are not eligible for bank draft.

Q. What happens if I run out of credit?

A. If your account balance reaches zero or a non-credit balance, your account will be subject to immediate disconnection of electric service, excluding on weekends, holidays and during inclement weather.

Q. Can I contribute to the Operation Round-Up program if enrolled in EnergyAdvantage?

A. Yes, the monthly Round-Up contribution will show on the monthly statement of account and will be deducted from the credit balance at that time.

Q. Will I lose my capital credits if I choose the EnergyAdvantage program?

A. No, members who elect to enroll in the EnergyAdvantage program or who elect conventional billing are subject to the same EnergyUnited Service Rules & Regulations and Bylaws. The method to determine capital credit allocations and refunds is the same for all members. Members enrolled in EnergyAdvantage, if applicable, will receive a capital credit adjustment on their December statement of account.

Q. If I find that this program doesn’t work for me, can I convert back to conventional billing?

A. Absolutely! Participation in this program is completely voluntary and you can elect to convert back to conventional billing at any time. To do so, EnergyUnited will require payment of any applicable deposit, unbilled charges, and associated fees to activate conventional billing.

Members requesting enrollment must agree to the EnergyAdvantage Program Terms and Conditions and must complete, sign and return the EnergyAdvantage Agreement Form.

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