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EU Foundation Grant Application for Non-Profit Organizations

EU Foundation Grant Application for Non-Profit Organizations

Please Read
The information obtained in this application is solely for the purpose of determining qualification for a grant from EnergyUnited Foundation, Inc., and will be kept in strictest confidence. The person signing this application warrants that the information provided is true and complete. EnergyUnited Foundation, Inc. is authorized to make all inquiries deemed necessary to verify the accuracy of the statements made herein. 
Funding Criteria
Funds donated by members of EnergyUnited shall be disbursed by the EnergyUnited Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors to individuals and families who are suffering unusual or unexpected problems and are in grave need of assistance. Grants may be used to pay for shelter, clothing, food, health care, emergencies, and other humane needs.

Non-profit organizations providing assistance for these same needs may also be funded. Funds shall not be used for operating funds or salaries nor shall they be used for political purposes.

Disbursements are limited to $10,000 within a 24 month period to non-profit organizations.
Funding Guidelines for Non-Profit Organizations
These guidelines for non-profit organizations are not absolute but just that… guidelines. The Foundation will not be a “line-item, annual budget” supplement for any organization. The Foundation will be very hesitant to provide funds to organizations that are church affiliated, those getting any level of government tax funds, organizations without IRS form 501(c) 3, and organizations with very large budgets. The Foundation’s goal is that the limited funds available for disbursement will help as many people in genuine need as possible.
Location of Non-Profit
Our non-profit grant's are only available for those located in one of our 19 service location counties. Please select your location below.

Authorized Contact Person

Organization Information

Funding Information

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