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EU Foundation Energy Assistance Program 

Program Period: May 2, 2023 through August 31, 2023
The information obtained in this application is solely for the purpose of determining qualification for a Energy Assistance grant from the EnergyUnited Foundation, Inc. and will be kept in strictest confidence. Reasons for Board decisions will not be given to anyone if the request is granted or denied. The person signing this application warrants that the information provided is true and complete. EnergyUnited Foundation, Inc. is authorized to make all inquiries deemed necessary to verify the accuracy of the statements made herein. Any deliberate falsehoods detected will be strong grounds to deny the application. Disbursements are limited to one grant of up to $400 per program period and will be credited to the customer’s electric account. Applicants must be EnergyUnited electric customers. 
1. EU Foundation money is available to assist those needing help with their EUEMC electric bill because of high cooling costs.
2. Maximum amount that can be granted to each applicant is $400 for the period May 2, 2023 through August 31, 2023. Only one application will be accepted per household during this time.
3. Assistance will pay for EUEMC electric bill only (not propane bills) and will be credited to the customer’s EU electric account. 
4. You will be required to provide proof of income / Federal Tax Return information. Please have this available before completing this application.
Applicant Requirements
1. Must be a EUEMC Member.
2. Must be elderly (age 65 or over), and/or disabled and on a fixed income. Provide proof of age (copy of Medicare card) or disability (statement from doctor stating type of disability). Applications submitted without this proof will be returned.
3. Provide proof of annual income (Federal & State income tax returns, Social Security statement, etc.). W2’s are not accepted in place of tax returns. Applications cannot be submitted without this proof.
4. Annual income must not exceed:
     $16,744 if one person lives in the household
     $22,646 - 2 people
     $28,548 - 3 “
     $34,450 - 4 “
     $40,352 - 5 “
     $46,254 - 6 “
     $52,156 - 7 “
     $58,058 - 8 “
     For larger households: add $5,902 for each additional person in the home.
5. Be responsible for the electric bills in the home. 

Required Field

Applicant Information

Employment Information

Income & Assistance Information

Persons Living in the Home
List all family members that live in the home below.
Please List: Name, Date of Birth, Relationship to Applicant, and Employer / School

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