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EnergyUnited has partnered with HomeServe to offer an optional solution to help with the high cost and stress of unexpected home repairs.

Many times, homeowners are unaware of their responsibility for certain home system breakdowns. If a home system fails, are you prepared for the costly home repair bill? Are you ready to spend valuable time looking for a qualified service technician to come fix it?

A plan from HomeServe can help give you peace of mind for covered home repair emergencies. HomeServe will handle the repair plan coverage including billing, customer service, and arranging repair calls. Learn more about optional protection plans for your home by going to HomeServe or calling HomeServe at 1-833-397-0315.


Who is HomeServe?

HomeServe is an independent company based in Norwalk, CT that is separate from Energy United. HomeServe partners with many cities, municipalities and utility companies to offer home repair solutions to homeowners in North America. These plans help protect customers from the financial impact, and inconvenience, of covered home repair emergencies.


What's covered by a plan from HomeServe?

Plans from HomeServe offer a variety of repair and replacement service for many home systems. The coverage provided is dependent upon the type of plan a customer has. Please read the terms and conditions of your plan for exact coverage details.


Once enrolled in a plan from HomeServe, what happens if I need a repair?

The HomeServe service emergency repair hotline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. In the event of a home emergency, the homeowner calls the toll-free hotline 1-833-397-0315 and a local, licensed, and insured technician is dispatch to make the covered repair or replacement. HomeServe pays the technician directly. To learn more about the HomeServe Service Request Process, please check here.

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