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Interconnect Small Generation Application

Interconnect Small Generation Application

Member herby gives notice of intent to operate an interconnected generating facility pursuant to the “Standard for Interconnecting Small Generation 150 kW or less with Electric Power Systems (Interconnection Standard)”. Permission to interconnect is not granted until an Interconnection Agreement has been completed between the Cooperative and the Member.

Please make sure to have the documentation below ready before moving forward with this application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted or approved by EnergyUnited.
  • The application fee of $250 for residential members and $500 for non-residential members
  • A one-line diagram of the system showing the main components and metering of the system, including the external AC disconnect switch
  • Manufacturer's catalog or cut-sheet for the inverter showing pertinent specifications and certifications
  • Proof of Insurance (liability coverage of $100,000 for residential members and $300,000 for non-residential members)
  • Copy of the report of Proposed Construction sent to the NC Utilities Commission
Project Developer / Engineer Information (Primary Contact for Project)

Please note: If you are a member and you are not using a solar installer or developer, please list yourself as the developer below.

Member / Owner Information

Electrical Contractor (if applicable)

Generator and Facility Information

Generator Rating
The following information is necessary to help properly design the cooperative customer interconnection. This information is not intended as a commitment or contract for billing purposes.

Generator / Inverter / Relaying Information
  • If a customer owned transformer will be used, attach the transformer manufacturer's specifications to this application
  • If the system utilizes relaying for protection, please attach proposed or suggested settings
PV Panel Information

Inverter Information

Additional Devices (if applicable)

Install Dates


The interconnection protection system is tested and listed for compliance with the latest published edition of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 1741 including the anti-islanding test. The system (is   will) be installed in compliance with IEEE 1547 as applicable, all manufacturer specifications, the National Electric Code and all local codes.  No protection settings affecting anti-islanding have been or will be adjusted or modified. 

I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided in this application is true and correct and the generator will comply with the Interconnection Standard stated above. 

I also agree to supply the cooperative with any additional information that may be needed to complete the Interconnection process. 

I acknowledge that I have reviewed and understand EnergyUnited's rate schedules and riders for standard service and small generation systems.

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