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At EnergyUnited, you’re so much more than a customer, you’re a valued member who has a say in our direction and leadership. Since 1998, EnergyUnited has been owned and governed by members like you. Your vote in the EnergyUnited Board of Directors Election is your voice in your cooperative, a chance to weigh in on leaders who will represent you and your interests.

Thomas Golden

THOMAS GOLDEN is the Chief Executive Officer at EnergyUnited EMC. Thomas provides the day-to-day leadership, management, and strategic implementation to achieve EnergyUnited’s vision of transitioning to a best-in-class Energy Services Cooperative. He has direct oversight and responsibility for creating and driving engagement across the organization in alignment with the strategic plan along with partnering with the rest of the senior leadership team to identify and develop growth opportunities, improve member value, enhance operations, and maintain superior safety and reliability performance.

Thomas’s experience as Program Manager of Technology Innovation at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI); Manager of Energy Market Design at the New York Independent System Operator; Senior Reactor Operator of Initial Licensing Program at Duke Energy's Catawba Nuclear Station; and 12 years on active duty in the US Navy have all shaped Thomas into the leader he is today.

Throughout his impressive career, Thomas has helped shape company strategy and vision toward big thinking and embracing emerging energy trends. Thomas has been a speaker at numerous national conferences and Universities where he delivered a message of thought leadership and change management related to emerging technologies. He was honored as one of the fifty Smart Grid Pioneers of 2015.

Thomas continues to serve today in the Navy Reserve as a Supply Corps Officer

  • Jerry Anderson Jerry Anderson
  • Edgar Cartner Edgar Cartner
  • Ann Eller Ann Eller
  • Ronnie Harrison Ronnie Harrison
  • Brian Sisson Brian Sisson
  • Cheryl Wright Cheryl Wright
  • Dr. Max Walser Dr. Max Walser
  • Craig Black Craig Black


Alec Natt

Chief Financial Officer

Steve McCachern

Vice President
Energy Delivery

Pam Britt

Vice President
Human Resources

Brett Alkins

Vice President
Energy Services

Gaudy Jandron

Vice President
Information Technology


District 1

Jerry Anderson
Edgar Cartner
Ann Eller

District 2

Dr. Max Walser
Ronnie Harrison

District 3

Cheryl Wright
Craig Black
Brian Sisson

Board of Directors
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